About Us

Who are we?

Consumers Trust is the global consumer platform's network, that provides consumers a way to engage with companies to solve their consumption problems and share their solutions with others consumers

What is our vision?

We started back in 2009, when internet gave it first steps with social networks. Now that the majority of consumers have internet access, we want to be global and provide all consumers a way to engage with brands and others consumers, to build a consumer trustfully ecosystem through positive reputation.

What is the consumers platforms that we provide in which country?

The consumers platform is a social networks for each country in their native language, that are the ideal place to resolve consumption problems. With that we are cementing the bridge between brands and consumers, allowing a more effective communication.

Why we build it?

Because we found that consumers didn't have a free and public platform to make consumption complaints. So, we take a step forward and developed the first platform back in 2009.

With this free platforms, we solved the problem when consumer tries to make a complaint and the customer service department won’t resolve the issue.

But, because is a public platform and the consumer’s dissatisfaction escalates commonly needing to share the frustration with other customers, which ultimately leads to brand and reputational damage for the service provider.

Why does it have success with consumers and brands?

Because a complaint tells the full story of the customer's consumer experience and it results from sharing experience and not just an opinion. So, the final evaluation after complaint’s resolution, has more impact on the brands and the consumers, helping brands to improve their service and obtaining more satisfied customers.

That's why we believe that Customer Success = Brand Trust!