About Us

At Consumers Trust we help thousands of brands every day to manage their online reputation.

Brands have the ability to interact with consumers through our SaaS. Consult their consumer experiences and solve their problems.

Today the consumer has several ways to complain, but few with real consequences in the resolution of their problems. Brands, on the other hand, often feel their reputation at risk, due to the lack of possibility of a response.

At Consumers Trust we seek to simplify the communication process, to make it more effective.

We know that a complaint tells the full story of the consumer experience and is the result of shared experiences, not just an opinion. On our platforms consumers find a place where they can share their complaints and interact with those of other consumers.

For brands, this is a channel where they can gather important information to improve their services and also increase customer satisfaction.

Together we are building an ecosystem of trust between consumers and brands through positive reputation.

This site is owned, managed and developed by Consumers Trust, S.A. holder of NIPC 508 949 300.

You may contact Consumers Trust, S.A. by e-mail at hello @ consumerstrust.co or at Avenida Marechal Gomes da Costa n.º 1551 4150-360 Porto.